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Luxor Hotel & Casino

Yes, those are people up there on top of the pyramid – probably working on the Sky Beam (or saving Criss Angel – worst show ever btw…DON’T GO!).

If you should take a taxi to the Luxor Poker Room it is recommended to ask the driver to drop you off at the Tower entrance as opposed to the pyramid entrance. That way you are right at the poker room and avoid walking through the usually very crowded hotel lobby.

Even though this room has nothing special to it, it became one of my favourites. There is the exciting High Hand Bonus Wall, many TVs, funny often drunk players and capable staff (with only 2 exceptions).

I made a lot of friends here and met a lot of interesting characters: a couple of German guys I played a lot with and stayed in touch, a woman that provides massages (with happy ending), a male stripper, a Federal Agent who chases Mexican immigrants at the border (I though he was a boxer when I saw all the bruises on his arms, but he showed me his badge), a guy that looked like “the dude” with his poodle (yes, at the table), the founder of a fashion label from Atlantic City, a friend of Surinder Sunar who told me they once flew to the Isle of Man just to jump into the water at the Fairy Bridge for good luck…and many more. I LOVE live poker for this!

As at the Wynn they knew me after a short while and made me feel welcome.

The Luxor poker room was also the place where I broke a personal record: a 17 hour poker session. It had started at the Orleans with a tournament and in total I played 12 at the Luxor then. Unfortunately with $600 losses. I was so unlucky, that in the end I just used my comps for a free breakfast and left after the next bad beat to go “home” to Imperial Palace.

Insider Tip: opposite of the poker room is the High Stakes Slots area. The toilets (washrooms, bathrooms, restrooms or however you crazy English speakers call them…) here are much cleaner than the normal once just a little further away. In the 40 hours I have played in this room I used these quite often and nobody ever stopped me… :wink: " class="wp-smiley" src="" />
…definitely +EV imo…

Here is the result of my hours at the Luxor:

  • Poker Room Quality (0-10): 7 – free WiFi, not too annoying party atmosphere with a lot of bad players, fun promos.
  • Comps: $1/hour
  • Promos: High Hand Bonus Wand
  • Player’s Card: MLife
  • Hours Cash Game:  43:30 (7 winning sessions, 3 losing sessions)
  • Profit Cash Game: $500
  • Hours Tournament: 0
  • Profit Tournament: $0
  • Total Profit: $500

Excalibur, Luxor and Mandalay Bay are all connected with a Monorail. This doesn’t cost anything here and makes it easy to get from one MGM property to the other. You can also walk. All three casinos are connected by shopping areas and food courts.

The way to the Monorail

Next and last stop on my way down the Strip will be the Mandalay Bay.