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Walking over from Planet Hollywood to Aria... North view from the bridge...

South view from the bridge...

West view from the bridge...City Center

Aria Resort Hotel & Casino

The ARIA Poker Room! Many poker players feel a near-climax-sensation when they hear this name. This poker room is by far the most impressive in town and probably one (if not THE) best in the world.

Artistic gold card designs frame the room from all sides, there are roughly 24 tables and the color scheme is warm and inviting. Everything is of high quality. The super comfortable chairs even lean back and you can relax when not in a hand and watch the action. There is free WiFi. from the Aria website...

A dream you would think. But before I let you get off on it I need to number the negative things.

  • While at the Bellagio it's the staff being arrogant and stuck-up at the Aria it's the players! ...because they play at the ARIA, understand? THE ARIA!!!
    It feels like everyone in the room is not allowed to have a good time as this poker room is high class and if you just do as much as smile you will be given the eye that asks you to please leave and play at the Flamingo! It's not about intimidation. I don't care about that. It's about having your damn nose up in the sky just because you place your ass on an ARIA poker room chair!
  • What is wrong with cup holders anyway? I already mentioned this in my Wynn review. Why do you only use a napkin to protect your tables from drink spills? At least at the Wynn there is an abundance of little tables to place your drinks on. At the ARIA...not so much.
  • Food service. Again. How the hell can it take up to an hour to get your food? It makes more sense then to take your chips, cash out, have a little break, move your legs to a restaurant, have some healthy food and get back. Most tables can't be THAT good to almost starve... (although...what do I know? ...there have been players peeing their pants because they didn't want to stand up...)
  • Waiting list. This also takes far too long. It's one of the main points most ARIA players complain about. It can take forever to get your seat. Even in a simple $1/$3 game. Advice: call ahead and let them put your name on the list while you make your way to the City Center
  • Fragrance. WTF? I know I am a very sensitive person as I am allergic against...well, everything, but seriously...WTF? I can't go to the Venetian/Palazzo anymore because their obsession with their special perfume they pump into the air-conditioning system is getting out of hand. And the ARIA uses a bit less aggressive vanilla kind of smell. It's fine most of the time and I just get a slight tingle in my nose. But one morning I stayed until 5am and that seems to be the time they refresh their fragrance tanks...the smell got so strong that while coughing and sneezing I had to stumble out of the casino. Again: WTF?

Apparently the tournaments are supposed to be real good here, but I didn't get the chance to play time.

Cash Games were not going well for me. Tables are tough and there are almost no weak spots (besides me? ).

The most exciting part here is that you play with a lot of big names. Obviously don't be too interested in the stars as you will get the Flamingo look again. Just occasionally let your eyes wander around the room and "Ivey's Room" and just happen to stare at the likes of Jennifer Harman, Jean-Robert Bellande, Gavin Smith, Huck Seed or David Benyamine.

It definitely feels special to sit in the same room and (sort of) play the same game as these guys. But I'm keeping my nose down. It doesn't mean I play better just because I breathe the same air... remember that, ARIA players! :wink:

Here is the result of my hours at Aria:

  • Poker Room Quality (0-10): 8 – The Wynn with it's table outlets and a more stable WiFi wins this battle for me. Also no annoying perfume and shorter waiting times. So, only 8 points for the ARIA.
  • Comps: $2/hour
  • Promos: none
  • Player’s Card: MLife
  • Hours Cash Game:  9:49 (2 winning sessions, 2 losing sessions)
  • Profit Cash Game: -$465
  • Hours Tournament: 0
  • Profit Tournament: $0
  • Total Profit: -$465

Next stop: MGM.