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Mirage Hotel & Casino

I had always heard a lot about the Mirage poker room, but I had never played here before.

I don’t think I have missed much though. It still puzzles me why so many people suggested playing here. I might be unfair as I haven’t played too much here. I only gave it two short visits.

But here’s a question: what is it with poker rooms and the colour BROWN? If you do it right (as at the Wynn) it can be classy, but most poker rooms – like this particular one – use brown in combination with beige. Add to it old tables and chairs and a slightly (or more) used look and you feel like nothing has been touched by an interior designer since the 70s.

The other thing that almost freaked me out during my first session here were a couple of weirdos at my table. All locals that knew each other and all staff by name. Three of those weirdos I have to tell you about (I was sitting right in between these guys in seat 3):

Weirdo #1  (seat 4 – to my left): This guy sat down with a respirator mask. Nobody seemed to be surprised about it, but when I turned around and saw that I was wondering if he has an infectious disease that he wanted to protect US from or if he is just scared of our germs. I decided that it was hopefully the latter. It poses the question then though why he kept touching those gross casino chips with his hands (after all I had seen people at the poker table with rubber gloves before) and no hand sanitizer (as I carry one in my hand bag at all times when in Vegas) in his direct reach.

Weirdo #2 (seat 2 – to my right): He and Weirdo #3 started talking about some language questions. As this is one of my favourite topics (I speak German, English, some French, have a certificate in Latin, learned a little Greek and a little Finnish and simply looooove languages) I offered my opinion on one of the words they were talking about and said that as around 60% of all English words this one derived from Germanic roots. Now he almost exploded as he was insulted in his American pride that his language was actually not what he thought he said something along the lines of “German would have been like more influential but there was something called ‘the war’!”. I just looked at him and shook my head. That’s right… I know this routine from living in the British Isles for a couple of years…if you run out of arguments against a German just mention the war.

Weirdo #3 (seat 1): He was once again in conversation with Weirdo #2. This time the topic was restaurants. Weirdo #2 recommended a certain place and Weidow #3 immediately raised his voice “I will not go to that place! The chef is GAY and WHO KNOWS where he had been before…!”

That was enough for me then and I was glad that my friend Kim had asked me if I was interested in joining her and her dogs on a trip to Lake Mead. So I left at 7.30 in the morning (yes, it was a night session that had started at 2am at Harrah’s).

Let’s wrap up the poker experience before I show you some pics from my only trip out of Sin City during this poker month.

Here is the result of my hours at the Mirage:

  • Poker room quality (0-10): 4 – the room has no character. Everything feels old without evoking nostalgic feelings (at least not for me). The players were unfriendly with some very weird people. On the other had staff was friendly, the room has couches to wait on for a seat at the table and the room is spacey.
  • Comps: $1/hour
  • Promos: some High Hand Boni and Freeroll Championship
  • Player’s Card: MLife
  • Hours Cash Game: 3 (2 losing sessions)
  • Cash Game Profit: -$96
  • Hours Turnier: 0
  • Tournament Profit: $0
  • Total Profit: -$96

After a little sightseeing tour through the Mirage (I didn’t see the dolphins though and still haven’t seen the volcano…shame on me) Kim picked me up from the hotel entrance…

…and we drove out to the desert!

4 girls with 12 legs… :wink:

First stop was Lake Mead. I still can’t believe my only trip out into the desert was in my hoody…but that’s what you get for being a spontaneous poker degen. :wink:

…me at Lake Mead

…me at Hoover Dam (Arizona side…another State ticked off my list)

On our way back we stopped at Boulder City trying to find food. But the only thing opened and convenient was Taco Bell. I couldn’t finish it as it was so blunt and boring. Why do people like this stuff???

And finally on our way back into the city and a little trip through Downtown I found the Neon Boneyard! Kim almost got a heart attack when I started screaming in the car. We drove by by coincidence while in July I was out there trying to find it and we just couldn’t.

As the Neon Museum is frankly quite shit at making this place accessible to the public I took secret pictures through the little holes in the fence (glad the iPhone camera has such a small lens :wink: . Here is an example:

Next stop on my Card Room Crawl will be Harrah’s.