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Wynn & Encore Resort

The Wynn is simply the most awesomest hotel in Las Vegas! During my vacation here in July I had the chance to stay at the Wynn for 5 days for a “good price”. I felt like a princess!

Play 6 hours per day at the Wynn for the poker rate ($129 week days/$199 weekends) to get THIS!!!

The hotel lobby. Makes you feel good every single time you see it!

Pool Day? OMG! (looks like an advert, right?)

The quality of simply EVERYTHING is right here. And so obviously also the poker room.
Comfortable chairs at tables with integrated sockets to charge your phones, situated away from the constant ding-ding-ding of the slot machines…the staff is extraordinary, the cocktail waitresses probably the most attractive ones in Vegas, free high-speed internet, $2 comps per hour… *sigh* What else can you possibly ask for?

Well…winning maybe.

Unfortunately it didn’t go well at all at the Wynn. While I still earned some money here in July, in August somehow nothing worked out.

The main problem here was, that the games are high. “High” as in the stakes being $1/$3 minimum and “high” as in the quality of the players at the tables. Just to name an example: I sat at the $1/$3 tables with WSOP/WPT legends Gavin Smith and Joe Bartholdi. Both having earned several millions in tournament winnings already.

My cash game with Gavin Smith

One funny hand has to be told here that I had played with Gavin Smith. First of all when I sat down at the table I wanted to be sure they know I’m fun, so I was the friendly smiley only women at the table. The game was only running for an hour or so after Gavin had busted out from the Bounty tournament and when I had been knocked out as well I made sure I got a seat here. But despite the short period of time the stacks were sky-high already. Players had around $1000 on average in front of them.
Not having the bankroll to compete with this I sat down with my standard short stack of $100 (I had to go back to short stacking after I got beat up pretty bad in the first couple of days and my small bankroll took a big hit).

Gavin welcomed me at the table and told me straight away that there is a mandatory button straddle of $6. So the game was basically $1/$3/$6 and faaaaaar too big for me. But hey, how often can you play against a drunk “WPT Player of the Year”?
I was on the button on the first hand and placed the $6 on the little “Dealer” disk which earned me cheers from the whole table. “She’s in!” screamed Gavin.

Very soon after I sat down I had aces and got a full payout from the gambling Gavin. Sweet! I played on with $200 while Gavin figured out that I was German and sang “99 Luuuftballoons” from that point on. I completely cracked him up by finishing the line in German “…auf ihrem Weg zum Horizont!” …he loved it and just didn’t stop singing that song.

After about an hour – I still had around $200 in front of me – I found AcQc in the cut-off. Gavin was in the Big Blind. There was one limper for $6, and I made it $18, everyone folded to Gavin who called and the limper also called.
Gavin checked, I bet $40, Gavin called, the limper folded.
Gavin checked, I bet $80 and so only had about $60 left. Gavin called once again.
Gavin starts singing “99 Luuuftballloooooons!”, grabs some of his $100 bills, throws them high up into the air and lets them land in the middle of the table. As much as it pains me, as it is sooooo obvious that he actually has one of the 9s he is singing about, I have to make the crying call. And yes, he turns over 9hKs.
I had a good laugh about this but obviously would have preferred if Gavin hadn’t gotten up right after this and taken my money to a club but given me a chance to win it back. Oh well, it was an experience. :wink:


So the high quality players are one issue, while the rich Wynn quests are another. I know these are exactly the kind of players you want at the table: rich arrogant men, that want to prove their wives or mistresses (that usually sit quietly behind them and stroke their arms or backs) how much of an alpha male they are. They don’t care a bit about the money. The strategy here is obvious. Sit tight, try to get into many pots cheaply and try to let them pay you off, if you happen to flop big. Because it is against their male egos, they can’t fold…so whatever you do, DON’T bluff!!! (…especially not when you’re a woman)

Unfortunately I ended up a few times too often getting the money in with the best hand and having the guy draw the 2- or 3-outer in the end to get all my chips. In the long run I would get them…But my bankroll was not designed for hits like this and I had to walk away like a beaten dog (or well, as I am female “a beaten bitch”! :wink:

Another funny thing that happened here was that a guy played in one of the $1/$3 games that looked exactly like “the 18 Million Dollar Man” Antonio Estfandiari, I managed to take a secret photo of him and tweeted it @ Antonio. And he did actually reply! :-D I know, I’m such a fan girl! haha (…but I looooove Antonio! :wink:

A special promotion in August pulled me back to the Wynn despite the runbad. They offered $3 comps per hour! That means I only had to play around 9 hours for a free buffet! And the Wynn buffet is the best! As I lived the poker diet (one big meal per day) this came in very handy and I earned 3 buffets during my trip. With the money I lost in the games I could have just bought the 3 buffets, but it’s so much cooler to get them for free and a Line Pass (to skip the endless lines like a true VIP) on top of it!

But yeah, as much as I love the Wynn…it wasn’t good to me on this trip.

Here is the result of my hours at the Wynn:

  • Poker room quality (0-10): 9 – as already mentioned above, there is almost nothing else you could think of that is missing in this poker room. I don’t give the full 10 points as there are some things like the missing function in the chairs to lean back (as in Aria), or missing cup holders for the drinks and a very slow service when it comes to food deliveries to the table.
  • Comps: $2 (sometimes $3)
  • Promos: none
  • Player’s Card: Wynn
  • Hour Cash Game: 40
  • Cash Game Profit: -$498
  • Hours tournament: 8.17
  • Tournament Profit: -$205
  • Total Profit: -$703

The next hotel on our way down the Strip would be the Venetian. As I am allergic though to the fragrance they use here I can’t really spend much time and play poker. So the next casino I will tell you about is The Mirage.