This is part 2 of the summary. Click here for part 1 about Binion’s.

Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower

I only had one spontaneous session here during this trip: to play the $60 donkament. The $40+$20 tourney was adopted from the Sahara when this shut down and is still quite popular.

My friend Bree and I decided one evening spontaneously to play this tournament at 11pm. The buy-in is $40 and you receive 4500 chips. At any time you can use the $20 addon for an additional 4000 chips. If you ran out of all your chips the $20 function as a rebuy (you still get only 4000 though :wink: . I usually wait until the end of the rebuy period and simply use it as an addon. Also almost all tournaments in Vegas nowadays are re-entry tournaments. This is very popular with the players and the casinos. The casinos like the fact that people pay a full buy-in incl. fee again (as opposed to a rebuy tournament where the fee is not paid again) and the players like that the prize pools are nicely juiced up this way.

It became quite obvious fairly soon that this tournament in this somewhat remote casino will be popular with the locals and these usually have a certain attitude towards tourists. The following situation displays this quite accurately:

I played Qs8s and the board read 8dJdJsQh5c. At the showdown I peeled over my hand and joked „I have 3 pair!“, both players on my right shook their heads and said in a slow teacher’s voice „Noooo, you have 2 PAIR! Queeeeeens and jaaaaacks, see?!“.
Thaaaaaaank youuuuuu foooor beeeeeing sooooo niiiiiice aaaaaaand eeeexplaaaaain aaaaaaa stuuuuupiiiiid fooooreigneeeeer hoooow zaaat pooookeeeeer thiiiiiing woooooorks! :wink:  


If I had busted early from the tournament I would have done the SkyJump from the top of the Stratosphere Tower, an almost free fall from 300m with a view of the nightly lit up Las Vegas Strip. But I stayed in the tournament, that long in fact that I chopped the prize pool amongst the remaining 5 players for $165. So I made $100 instead of spending $129 on the SkyJump.

After the tourney I won a little money on the Hangover slot machine (this one has been nice to me the whole trip) and then I was introduced to the “Ultimate Texas Hold’em” table game. I enjoyed this very much. You can basically bet on the strength of your hand on three streets (preflop, post flop and river) and your bet decreases the later you bet. So there is some kind of skill involved if you know your odds. It still is a casino game though, so in the end they had my money and the Stratosphere’s player’s club didn’t even manage to get a player’s card for me. Sucks!

And here is the result of my hours at Stratosphere:

  • Poker Room Quality (0-10): 4 – there is no free WiFi, not even proper mobile reception. Only 7 tables with a few extra outside of the poker area for the popular tourneys.
  • Comps: $1 per hour
  • Promos: usual High Hand Bonusses (small payouts), extra bonus for „Set over Set“
  • Player’s Card: ace PLAY
  • Hours Cash Game: 0
  • Cash Game Profit: $0
  • Hours Tournament: 2.32
  • Tournament Profit: $100
  • Total Profit: $100

The next Casino will be my favourite – the Wynn…